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Virtual Conference, Mediation, Arbitration


      Today's coronavirus outbreak has some parties and counsel unwilling or unable to travel in the coming weeks.  To meet the needs and demands for completing your ADR; virtual conferences, mediations and arbitrations are now being offered.   Judge Wooldridge is currently using the Zoom video conferencing software.  The software allows the parties to meet and greet then move into private virtual breakout rooms.  Documents and files can also be shared. 

Basic Requirements for your Virtual Conference, Mediation, Arbitration:

     Computer - A computer with an operating system for online access.  You will likely be required to download and install a program to connect with Zoom.  Make sure you have room on your computer for the added software.

     Connection - An internet, high-speed cable or DSL connection will be required to participate in live virtual conferencing.

     Video - A webcam and sound capability are required for all participants to see and hear one another if your computer does not already have these accessories.   A headset may be the best option for sound and voice clarity.


Setting up your Virtual Conference, Mediation, Arbitration:

      To access Judge Wooldridge's calendar, use the Calendar/Service Scheduler link above or below.  To select your ADR date, click on the  Red Block below the calendar (e.g., Virtual / On-Line Mediation - 1/2 Day).  You will then be able to reserve your service directly on-line.  Please provide names and email addresses for all counsel, parties and participants.

     Call or email Judge Wooldridge if you have any questions; 713.844.8454 or

     Clicker the button to go to Judge Wooldridge's Calendar.

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